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Wizard's Toolkit Changelog

2013-07-04 1.0.9-0 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Do not decompress when authenticating.
2012-10-24 1.0.8-10 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Add support for the SHA-3 hash
2011-02-24 1.0.6-7 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Update automake / autoconf / libtool configuration scripts.
2011-02-05 1.0.6-6 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Make LZMA entropy support optional.
2010-12-21 1.0.6-6 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Update autoconf / automake configuration files.
2009-04-28 1.0.6-6 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Update autoconf / automake configuration files.
2009-03-05 1.0.6-2 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Add digest:extent element when a digest is generated.
2008-12-18 1.0.6-1 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
FormatWizardTime() checks to ensure the provided time is valid.
2008-11-03 1.0.5-7 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Always add crytographic padding to cipher block.
2008-10-28 1.0.5-6 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Add support for the -random option in the encipher utility.
2008-03-09 1.0.4-5 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Define inline to _magickcore_inline (to satisfy HP's aCC compiler).
Add keyring command-line utility.
2008-02-16 1.0.3-9 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Update automake/autoconf/libtool scripts.
2008-02-13 1.0.3-8 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Add -(de)compress command-line option.
2008-01-25 1.0.3-0 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Add encipher, cipher-info, and digest command-line programs.
2007-12-05 1.0.3-0 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Update autoconf/automake/libtool configuration files.
2006-12-23 1.0.2-5 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Remove excess whitespace when converting an XMLTree to XML (reference http://www.wizards-toolkit.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?t=8053).
2006-12-16 1.0.2-4 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
CompareStringInfo() no longer returns incorrect results if one string is a substring of the other.
Properly check hash_info pointer before destroying in DestroyHMACInfo().
2005-09-01 Cristy <cristy@virgi...>
Wizard's Toolkit version 1.0.1