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The Wizard's Toolkit Subversion Repository

The Wizard's Toolkit stable and development source releases are available via anonymous Subversion. This is a convenient way for developers to download the Wizard's Toolkit source, fix bugs, or add new features.

To retrieve, or check out the Wizard's Toolkit stable, use this command:

  svn co https://subversion.wizards-toolkit.org/subversion/WizardsToolkit/branches/WizardsToolkit-1.0.6 WizardsToolkit-1.0.6

To retrieve, or check out WizardsToolkit development, use this command:

  svn co https://subversion.wizards-toolkit.org/subversion/WizardsToolkit/trunk WizardsToolkit

To update the sources within a previously checked out directory, execute:

  svn update

and only the files which have changed are updated.